Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm back!

Though I haven't written on here in quite some time not a whole lot has happened...for the most part. We've already established that I'm quite boring at times so this shouldn't surprise you in the least bit.

During my absence I found out that I have a new baby brother coming. The whole story encompassing this would be much too long and complicated to explain. We'll just say that we are all excited about a new life and addition to the family but none of us are very happy about the circumstances leading up to it. But either way there's nothing anyone can do about it and it just is what it is.

I also found out that my grandmother has stage 2 ovarian cancer. It scares me that 1. this increases my risk of developing a cancerous cyst 2. I've already had one ovary removed and might lose the remaining one 3. I'm scared for her. Though her and I are not close by any means I don't want her to pass without me kind of making amends for my negative feelings toward her all these years. My mother has made me promise to go visit her before she passes. She's still fighting it and no one has given her a time limit on life but we're all scared in general.

There's much more to be said about losing friendships, dealing with anxiety, depression and other stupidity but that's a story for a different time. And now despite all of this I'm legitimately happy. See, I sat down and had a talk with myself and said, 'Self, you can't go around all gloom and doom, over analyzing everything and not doing anything to change your outlook.' So I changed it...and it feels good!

One thing is for sure...I'm definitely avoiding negative people like the plague because that shit will come back and stick to you double fold.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You say you want a Revolution?

I wish I could travel back to the days when the changing of times was prevalent and constantly evolving where life had more meaning. Where the youth was concerned about world peace and freedom, not which reality TV star they wanted to watch. Back to the time of oppression and tyranny where everyday was a step closer to overcoming the struggles of everyday life.

In my opinion John Lennon was the father of the revolution. He protested, fought and devoted his life to showing the world that there is more to life than fighting and hate. His anti-war movement started a wave of love and togetherness.

Though we're still evolving and there is still war, hate and ignorance running seems as though we've become complacent.

I suppose the only thing to do now is to start my own revolution...whatever that might be.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Holy drama Batman!

I realized today that I haven't blogged in a heck of a long time. Not that I have too many readers at this point to really be disappointed about my absence but I digress.

Of course while I was away the drama I was talking about before snowballed. Bob came to be and told me that he was over my dark little rain cloud and that he couldn't believe that he wasted 3 months of his life on her...but all was not lost because he met me (awww). He asked me to tell him detailed accounts of her past relationships so he could better understand her and what happened when they were together.

Granted I probably shouldn't have told him as much as I did but I only spoke the truth and I wanted him to understand exactly what type of a person she was and how she operated in relationships and what she was doing with him in particular. He finally saw the light and realized that he wanted nothing to do with her. Sweet.

Well, 2 days later apparently she performed some sort of hypnotics on him because he forgot everything I said to him and is once again following her around with his head firmly up her ass. Though she says they're just friends he sings a different tune. Either way, I removed myself from the equation and told both of them that I didn't want to be asked for relationship advice nor did I want to hang out with either of them as a third wheel. So, that's another relationship down the drain for me. On to more online dating and friend set-ups. Yay. (If you know me at all you can hear all of the sarcasm dripping out of that last yay.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

So....yeah....about that.

My friends are awesome. True story. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of people who will consider me their friend or even best friend. But I have discovered that there are only a select few that I actually consider my friends and even fewer that I declare my best friends. Mostly because I'm too much of a deep person for most people and they usually don't stick around for more than a few seconds. And if they do...well, those are the ones who are lucky enough to know me at my best and worse

One of my best friends is Jon. We met freshman year of College in Psychology class. I saw him across the amphitheater looking all hot with his dark hair and bright blue eyes (which I found out later were just color contacts) and perfect teeth. I bravely asked him (after weeks of just smiling and quickly looking away) to go to the movies with me and a couple friends (which translates to a sneaky double date). He accepted the offer and I was swooning. A week later I find out that he's not interested in me and is subsequently gay. And the rest is history! We were inseparable in and out of school. Everyone who didn't know the details thought we were together. And even now with states between us we're still the best of friends. There's never a time when we're together or talking that we don't laugh uncontrollably.

Just yesterday he calls me to give 1st class dating advice,

Jon: Hey boo boo, how are you and the yummy boy doing?

Me: Umm, ok I guess? I don't know he just kinda makes me nervous sometimes.

Jon: Why? Are you being weird? Don't be weird!

LOL, and this is why I love him so much...that and he does my hair for free every time I see him.