Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Friendship Dies.

Of course with the title of this post you can assume that there is yet more drama that has unfolded in my life. I have once and for all learned my lesson in dating a guy that a "friend" suggests for you. In this case it is of course the same friend that I've been having issues with and that I kept giving chance after chance to. But as of this past weekend I am completely done with it, I just can't handle the stress that it causes.

On a side note, as a new side effect of my Anxiety Disorder I'm now experiencing uncontrollable, unpredictable hives. As if it wasn't hard enough to go out in public without a slight twinge of I have the added worry of if I will have a break out and getting past people staring once I start breaking out.

This past weekend I had two separate "attacks." The first and most embarrassing was while I was out on a 'non-date' with Bob. While sitting in the movie theater I could feel the itching coming on. As I fumbled around in my purse for the Benedryl I realized that my hands were swollen as well as my wrists. After the movie, Bob was frantic and actually tried to take me to the hospital. Him freaking out only made me freak out more. So after drinking almost a whole bottle of liquid Benedryl and taking a cold shower I fell asleep. Then it happened yet again over the course of the weekend...again while I was out in public. At this point I would be content in becoming a hermit and remaining least until I can get to an allergist to figure out how to get rid of them...

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