Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anti-Climax Wednesday

I don't know if it's the full moon, the fact that it's Wednesday or my lack of yeast and wheat in my diet but I am one moody bitch today! I've already yelled at one client (which was not done without merit), snapped at a random walk-in who was in the wrong building yet was convinced he had an appointment with our office, and rolled my eyes so much they are now slightly twitching. **Breathes deep**

Ok, so now that you have that backdrop for my mood today here's what's been going on with me since the last post...

So after the last "episode" Bob and I are happy, communicating and drama free...and that is all I will say for fear of me jinxing yet another thing in my life lol.

Even though that first date was awesome; I broke out in a severe case of hives while in the theater. They were actually the worst I have ever had in my life...literally. He freaked the freak out while I remained slightly more calm. The following Monday I scheduled an appointment with an allergist. I am apparently allergic to so many foods, pollens, molds, etc. that my body went into retaliation mode because it went untreated for so long. Now I have to do Immunotherapy for two years before any changes are seen. So I've begun to read every label, carry EpiPens everywhere I go and eliminated almost everything from my diet that I used to love.

The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing I'm losing weight and avoiding painful and embarrassing hives.

I say that to say that EVERYONE should go get tested for allergies regardless of whether or not they have issues! You may not notice anything or have the occasional cough or itch when using cleaning products or sitting outside on the lawn but you never know if there's something more serious going on.

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