Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Save the drama for yo mama!

**Sigh** I am not a fan of caddy girl fights in general let alone over a guy. It's petty and immature. There's always another way to deal with things rather than being dramatic, mean or caniving. It's just not necessary.

Somehow despite all my convictions about it I have found myself smack dab in the middle of drama. This is how the story goes: my dark little rain cloud decided that she was finally ready to cut the nice guy loose (we'll call him Bob for now). We talked about it and I told her that she was hurting herself as well as Bob by staying with him and not being interested or committed. I made sure she understood that I was saying this out of concern for her happiness and not because I was wanting to swoop in and steal him. (Though I would like to be that skilled, I can't fathom picking a guy over a friend.) She told me that she has no problem with us getting together at all and that we are so perfect for each other that it's just wrong for us to not be together. Whatev.

The point is that there's a concert she has been wanting to go to and wanted me to go with her but I had plans for the same weekend. My plans are not set in stone and are looking like they won't be followed through. I didn't tell her this in time so she invited Bob to go with her despite her voicing how much she didn't want him to go with her previously. So she tells me that he's going and forwards one of his text msgs to me where he was telling her that he wanted me to go to the concert as well. I told her that I would go at this point. Because I didn't tell her about my plans falling through earlier she interpreted this as me not wanting to go with her but that I wanted to go when he wanted me to go.

Now she's mad but won't say she's mad. Grr! This is why a majority of my friends are guys. Because with the exception of a select few...girls are caddy and filled with drama.


  1. *sigh*
    Sounds like the friend is too much trouble.

  2. I have come to that conclusion as well.