Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain rain go away come back....never.

As I mentioned before I'm perpetually single. While the cheese stands alone over here the rest of my friends and the rest of the population for that matter seem to be getting boyfriends/girlfriends, getting married or having babies or any combination therein. One dear friend of mine who I used to consider my little dark rain cloud is now spewing hearts and rainbows and everything fluffy and exciting from every orifice possible. Additionally, in the past month I have had three of my other friends get married- back to back weddings people! This all in turn makes me want to punch someone and vomit all at the same time. Not that I'm not happy for them; because I really am...but because maybe I'm a little jealous? Yes. I said it.

I mean c'mon...I'm 25 years old I have a good stable career I'm pretty and yet...I'm not getting married. Hell, I don't even have a boyfriend or any prospects for that matter. Although I do have every eager beaver out there telling me 'you're marriage material' and 'it'll be your turn some day, don't rush it you're still young.' This all coming from people who have someone. **SIGH**

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