Monday, July 12, 2010


My sister, her husband, and mom # 2 drove from OK to FL pick me up so we could begin our "driving tour" of all the beaches in FL. As mom puts it, "I wanna see all the beaches before they get ruined by all the oil!" Now, we all know that there is a possibility that the oil spill will reach the rest of FL and onward, however; no Floridian wants to hear someone saying that the spill will reach our shores and in turn ruin our businesses, economy and tourism especially this Floridian. Nevertheless, she kept saying to everyone she encountered, "Well, we're just visiting all the beaches while they're still pretty and not all ruined by the oil. Ya'll know it's going to come over this way, right?"

Other than dealing with the tackiness of mom #2 we had a fantastic vacation. I was of course told that if I ever get a boyfriend or get married that my significant other can come on our vacations as well just like my sister's husband. Then she proceeded to tell me that I needed to read this new diet book she just found. Yet again, I'm the single, slightly overweight one who has no significant other...unless you count my cat who apparently adores me. Thus the boring-ness of my life continues.

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