Friday, October 15, 2010

Confessions of a crazy person

I have always been told throughout life that I am way too sensitive or that I am an old soul. I saw that I was way different from my friends but never felt the need to change it. After years of feeling like the odd ball of emotions, the fog has cleared and there is now an answer to the chaos. I am, by the scientific term, a Hypersensitive Person...or an HSP as the cool kids say lol.

As an HSP I am made uncomfortable by loud noises, deeply moved by music, startle very easily, life changes shake me up and take a while to adjust, moving or rearranging of furniture takes me a while to adjust to, other people's mood affect mine....and the laundry list goes on and on. Though admitting all of these things makes me sound like somewhat of a freak or an emotional train wreck but in all actuality I have learned to manage mostly all of it. Even though many people don't understand and think that I'm full of bologna...but only 15% of people actually have this personality disorder of sorts.

Just to give you a visual: our office moved to a new location over the weekend. I have been in the same office for almost 6 years now. So obviously I had a few hitches when it came to coping and processing everything...but I made a quick recovery. A week later and I actually like the new place and my new office. My office is considerably smaller than my old office but I do have a window so it makes it all better. :)

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