Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's make movie magic!

My wonderfully amazing best friend decided that it was his new mission in life to set me up with the perfect guy. He currently lives in a different state so he couldn't be here to personally interview these potential suitors. So what did he do? He set up a personal add for me locally and started to interview these gentleman through e-mail. Sounds like a Julia Roberts movie, doesn't it?

Well, the dating montage has now begun and I am dating and eliminating guys right and left. The first one...Jim...was so painfully boring that I couldn't even carry a decent conversation with him. The second one...Todd...was so domineering and pragmatic so he was of course eliminated as well. I'm too much of a dreamer and a free spirit for all that nonsense. Thus my hunt continues. I'm very lucky to have such an awesome best friend. lol

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