Friday, October 29, 2010

Grammar people, grammar!

Today I am fishing through various e-mails from potential dates. I have not found one person, not one who can put a proper sentence together or one that even knows where a period should go. I mean, I'm no English scholar and by all means I know I make mistakes but I at least don't sound like a bumbling idiot when I type or write...or at least I seem to think so. (I actually used to grade my friend's term papers for them for a fee of $25 a piece in high school if that tells you anything about my grammar skills.)

With that being said...I'm having a hard time getting past a small thing like grammar with a few of these guys. One of them actually sent a message that read: 'oh thats kool great that you can do that do you know when we can c each other and hang out cuz u really hott' Um, seriously?? I don't want to be painfully picky but at the same time...learn to write a freaking sentence before you start to ask a lady out! Jiminy Christmas!!

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