Friday, January 28, 2011

The incredible bloating woman!

This odd phenomena that I like to call "The Blimp" tends to happen more often than I would like to admit. It's when sometimes I feel as though I'm really slimming down and I look fantastic and all my clothes look great.... then the next day or even later the same day I feel like I'm instantly 30 lbs heavier. WTF? Yesterday I felt great and wore these tight black leggings and a cute purple knit top; and today I feel HUGE. I'm sure that it's all in my mind but it bugs me out and it's rather annoying if I do say so myself.

Ugh, makes me wonder how different I look during those slim feeling times when I put on clothes that are more form fitting feeling as though I look pretty freakin' hot. My mind sees one thing but it's probably a whole different ball game on the other end of reality. :( Looks like I'll be hitting the gym after work today.

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