Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The boy is mine...or yours...or mine?

My dark little rain cloud of a friend is starting to be less and less dark. She of course still has the underlying dark and twisty-ness that she loves so much and makes her unique in her own right. Love her! Now there is a guy she's "dating" and isn't interested in taking it any further with him...or so she says. She says he's too young for her, he's too nice, too shy, too much of a good guy, etc. Though she knows he's a great guy...he's just not for her. My dark little rain cloud wants me to date the nice guy. Great, right? Well, it would be fantastic except she hasn't told him that she's not all that interested in continuing things with him. Now at this point if I swoop in and try to get with him I'm gonna look like the bitch for stealing a guy that's obviously interested in my friend and thinks they're together. And to make matters worse...she's still hung up on her ex...and there's also another guy that she's sort of talking to.

I figure I'll just be friends with him until she decides that it's time for her to release him back into the wild. I'm not one for waiting around or taking leftovers but when I say that I have never met a more perfect match...it's a huge understatement. Besides, it's only been a couple of days...who knows what will happen. Though by saying all of this I most likely jixed myself as usual. Ugh!

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