Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Single's Awareness Day!

It's Valentines Day. Yay. Everyone is all lovey dovey and buzzing about dates, presents and what wonderfully romatic thing their sweetheart did for them. Now, I am not a completely bitter old spinster but I think I might be getting closer and closer every year. I've never really had a date for Valentine's Day unless I was in a relationship...and even then I had a boyfriends that were so inept that they couldn't even send flowers let alone try and get a dinner together.

With that said, I'm not really big on what gifts I get, being taken out or whatnot. All I ask is that you think of me. If you can put in enough effort to pick up a phone or send a few carnations; that would be enough in my book. Am I that lucky? Nope.

I am aware that I'm getting older and still single, I can deal with it. But Valentine's Day is the one day every year where I can't just deal with it because this day is a CONSTANT reminder that I'm single and that Cupid wants nothing to do with me. So, I will try to get through today with my sanity. I will ignore the explosion of hearts and flowers and all the gushy crap. (And the really crappy part is that I am a complete sappy, fairytale, movie love romatic...I make myself sick.) I will now go and eat heart shaped foods and enjoy my Singles Awareness Day.

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