Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello, my name is The Relationship Whisperer!

Friday night I went to dinner with three of my girl friends. All three of these friends were having boy issues. Friend #1 had just broken up with her long term boyfriend by moving out while he was at work. She was frustrated at his inability to understand the situation and didn't know how to respond to the numerous text messages. So I took her phone and typed out a mean yet dignified message to the jackass (and when I say jackass that's an understatement. The guy cheated on her after her dad had just passed away). Friend #1 was like, 'Omg, that's awesome! Here, keep responding to him!' The other two girls thought that it would be a fantastic idea for me to text their guys as well. There I sat, typing away expressing feelings and trying to fix relationships.

And to top it off yesterday morning friend #2 asked me to type and send her a message to forward to a guy that she wasn't interested in who kept calling and texting her and flat out being rude and obnoxious. And after that yet another friend of mine came to me and asked me my opinion on what she should do in her current relationship. So apparently I am now the relationship whisperer!

I called my mom (because I'm lame and my mom is my best friend whom I tell everything to) to tell her of my newly discovered calling. After asking me advice regarding my step-dad (as she often does) she agreed. Once I talked it out with her soon I realized that I am great with relationships but my fear of commitment and rejection keeps me so far out of the game that I can't even use the advice I give and have the option to strike out.

Who knows if I will actually be able to use this as a turning point and quit being self sabotaging or if I will continue to do the same thing I've been doing. Here's to hoping!

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