Friday, April 1, 2011

So....yeah....about that.

My friends are awesome. True story. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of people who will consider me their friend or even best friend. But I have discovered that there are only a select few that I actually consider my friends and even fewer that I declare my best friends. Mostly because I'm too much of a deep person for most people and they usually don't stick around for more than a few seconds. And if they do...well, those are the ones who are lucky enough to know me at my best and worse

One of my best friends is Jon. We met freshman year of College in Psychology class. I saw him across the amphitheater looking all hot with his dark hair and bright blue eyes (which I found out later were just color contacts) and perfect teeth. I bravely asked him (after weeks of just smiling and quickly looking away) to go to the movies with me and a couple friends (which translates to a sneaky double date). He accepted the offer and I was swooning. A week later I find out that he's not interested in me and is subsequently gay. And the rest is history! We were inseparable in and out of school. Everyone who didn't know the details thought we were together. And even now with states between us we're still the best of friends. There's never a time when we're together or talking that we don't laugh uncontrollably.

Just yesterday he calls me to give 1st class dating advice,

Jon: Hey boo boo, how are you and the yummy boy doing?

Me: Umm, ok I guess? I don't know he just kinda makes me nervous sometimes.

Jon: Why? Are you being weird? Don't be weird!

LOL, and this is why I love him so much...that and he does my hair for free every time I see him.

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