Friday, September 3, 2010

It's not nice to talk gibberish.

I find myself at the office alone....yet again. Where is everyone else you ask? Well, they each have their own excuses as to why they aren't here. "I was out until 3am at that strip club down the street," or "I didn't get to sleep until 6am." Either way...I get some quiet time to myself so I don't mind too much. Plus it's Friday which makes everything better.

Last week I went on vacation to TX. Not usually the top vacation spot but because one of my best friends lives there it made it epic. We went floating down the Guadalupe River. Always fun when the river guide tells you to 'keep left at the first turn and then right at the second or else it's a bumpy ride.' Really? I have no paddles, there's hardly a current and you want me to steer in specific directions? Negative. What ended up happening was S and I yelling and screaming when we couldn't get over to the right side in time which resulted in our butts getting smashed on the rocks below...super. And to top it off S thought it was a great idea to pick the 4 hour tour instead of the 2 hour tour.

After we floated the river we went to the bustling, culture drenched San Antonio. We checked into the historic St. Anthony Hotel. Beautiful hotel, vintage circa 1901 yet it has been somewhat updated over the years. Looking at the lobby and the long hallways it made me start to feel as though I was caught between The Shinning and The Twilight Zone. I was told that the 9th floor is haunted and that as long as we don't get that floor we should be fine. I blew it off and thought that they probably just tell people that so they can attract those who have an addiction to the weird and unknown. I was apparently wrong. I have always been curious about what happens after death and whether or not the 'spiritual beyond' truly exists. I will now tell you a story that you may or may not believe. All I know is that I know what I heard and felt.

S and I met up with some friends at a local piano bar near our hotel. It was a great time, none of us had more than one or two beers and after watching some drunken patrons make fools of themselves we decided to call it a night around 11:30pm. As S and I walked back to the hotel we argued about who would use the bathroom first. And because she was much faster than me she won the argument. When it was my turn I went into the bathroom and sat on the loo. As I sat there I was replaying the scenes of the night and thinking about what a great time I had...then I heard a voice. Now, let me verify that S was on the other end of the suite in the living room area and the t.v. was not on in either the bedroom or the living room and that no one else was in the suite except the two of us. As I was trying to determine whether or not I heard anything in the first place I heard the voice again only it was louder and clearer than before. It was a man's voice that whispered, "Help me." I have never exited a bathroom so quickly in my entire life. I didn't even bother pulling up my pants. When I told S she said I was just making things up. So I went out into the hallway to get some ice and try to convince myself that I hadn't heard anything and I must just be very tired. On my way back I felt a hand brush through my hair. I proceeded to go back into the room, pray hard and slept with the t.v. and the lamp on. That is my with it what you will.

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