Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm the crazy one.

I have been continuing the hunt for a date and/or something more serious. I started e-mailing a guy (we'll call him J for now)last week and he gave me his phone number on Friday. This weekend I went out to a costume party with some friends so I completely forgot about getting J's number. On Sunday evening I finally remembered and so I sent a friendly text reminding him who I was and apologizing for taking so long to contact him. This all of course goes against all advise I have ever received from friends, family, television and books. The guy is supposed to be the first to contact you and you're supposed to sit back and just wait for him to muster the courage to call you. Well, for years I have been following this advice and obviously something is not working as I am still single so I dismissed all that nonsense and I sent a text. Sue me.

As a result the conversation went well, he's a great person and very nice (and attractive I might add). I don't know what is going on inside my dumb head but I have been thinking about this guy all day. I have little butterflies in my stomach and I'm thinking all of these what-ifs. I'm over thinking the situation like I have with EVERYTHING else in my life. So from my past experiences I can already predict what will happen. I will inevitably start telling my friends and family about him, go on a date with him and then in turn I will jinx myself and sabotage the entire relationship before it even becomes a relationship.

Thus with all that said....I am going to attempt to dismount from the path that is destruction and self doubt and try to find the correct path to be on.... Wish me luck!

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