Monday, November 15, 2010

Angry Customer.

Can I just say that I am overwhelmingly tired of Proactive? Now, the product itself works wonderfully don't get me wrong. It's the company that's full of shit and wants to charge hidden fees and then claim that they explained all of that and that you consented to it.

The reason I set up an online account was because I was trying to avoid going to the mall to buy their product when I can easily do it online and have it sent to my front door. Thus is my punishment for being lazy. I couldn't order the exact item I wanted online unless I purchased a full kit which they advertise for $19.95 which is whatever, I bought it and was satisfied. Then maybe 2 or 3 weeks later my account was charged $34.50 for another kit that I didn't order. They claim that I chose auto shipment...which is a load of crap. So I go and try to cancel out my account today because at the rate their going my entire paycheck is going to be at Proactive. But much to my can't cancel have to call a customer service rep and tell them that you want to cancel. Super.

The lady tells me that I can save so much money if I just keep my 'preferred member' status online. I told her thank you but I don't like the fact that they are automatically shipping something to me and I'm not given a choice to just order when I want to. Of course she says that I always have a choice and that I'm in control of the way I order. She's full of it. So I kindly decline. She then asks me if I want the final payments to be split up or paid all at once. Excuse me, what?? I already paid $34.50 for the last package they sent that I didn't want. Oh, they were kind enough to not charge the full amount at the time and split the payments up for me. So I have two more payments of $19.95 that I don't even freaking want!

I think that I'm just going to send the package back and write a nasty letter to the owner or whoever the heck authorizes the way they do online business. I'm usually not one to be an angry customer but today the gloves are off!

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