Friday, November 12, 2010

Thus is life.

Last night my father complained about my DVR habits stating that I, "have too much shit in there! Look at all of that...none of that is educational at all it's just mush!" Ok, I'll admit that the stuff I tend to record in an effort to prevent having a mini melt down as a result of me missing it are a bit lacking in educational value. But the reason I record The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory and Sonny With A Chance (to name only a fraction) is because I deal with criminals, death, destruction and quite frankly some pretty serious stuff on a daily basis. After a long day I need some kind of mental vacation so that I don't make myself sick with worry or analyzing everything.

At 25 I still read teen books full of vampires, fairies, everlasting love and dark secrets. I still watch cartoons and cartoon movies. I still get overwhelmingly ecstatic when I go to Disney World. Christmas is still my favorite holiday and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside like nothing could possibly go wrong in the world. And colorful, sugary cereal still gets me giddy. All of this is because if I don't maintain a little bit of innocence and put my blinders up then I would probably be a heaping mess of nerves and emotions. Everyone needs their happy place/time. I suggest all of you do the same if you don't already.

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