Friday, November 19, 2010


In the business that I am in there are many fake people that I encounter almost daily. Maybe it's the girl who called from another office that needs a signature as her boss is out of the office. Or perhaps it's the rep from another office who's trying to butter you up so that you'll like them enough to feel inclined to send their boss some business. Whatever the case there are fake people everywhere. Sometimes it gets hard to decipher which ones are just trying to get your business and the ones who are really wanting to be your friend.

It just so happens that I have encountered one such person and deciphered within 1 minute of seeing her I knew right away that she was just trying to get the business. She had come in with her hair done up, jewelry dripping off of her, heels that went on for miles and a tacky tweed jacket to top it all off. Now, I had encountered her before outside of a work setting and thought that she was a genuinely a nice person and we were on the fast track to actually becoming friends. Maybe somewhere deep, deep, waaaay deep down she is a good person...but on the surface...not so much. Turns out she just wanted my business and once I told her no she stopped calling me, texting me and pretty much forgot that I existed.

So in she strolls to my office acting all perky and nauseatingly fake. Trying to sell, sell, sell. I wasn't having it. I tried to put on my most professional face and handle it with poise. I kept my composure but after she left I just spewed. She had the nerve to criticize everything from the locks on our doors to the curtains we have hanging in the lobby. I mean, really? A) It's not that serious. And B) How rude is that? You don't just come into someone's office and start talking about stuff like that to their face. Go complain to someone else if you really feel compelled to discuss it.

And yet these are adults that I'm talking about. Whatever. All I know is that if she does it again, she's getting called on it and I don't care where we are and who we're with. Take that! lol

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